13 February 2023 - LFG

Codename : LFG

dApp v1.3.0-alpha


Added Full compatiblity with Mobile. Promote Campaign, Withdraw commission directly from your mobile. Added support for all custom ERC-721 and ERC-1155 contracs. Added support for Opensea ERC-1155 Storefront Contract. Added new UI when interacting with the wallet. Display the different transactions state (Sign transaction, waiting for transaction, ...). Added On-Chain Conversions on the Campaign Detail page.


Redesigned the Advertiser/Publisher board for mobile purposes. Redesigned the Top Funds feature. Redesigned Increase Coast Of Acquisition feature. Optimize loading when contract balance is fetched


Transaction Speed up (MetaMask) is now supported

RoboAffi v2.1.0-alpha

After 3 testing rounds, our RoboAffi is finally ready for mainnet.


Added proper CD & CI.


Reduce code Reduce aggregetor fee

Treasury v1.0.0-beta

We deployed our treasury along with our Core Contract for testing. So far, tests have been successful and the contract is being prepared for Audit.


Out of alpha Bringing Test coverage to 100%

Core v1.0.0-beta

Our contract is ready for audit and will be audited very soon


Reduce code and improve gas

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