To make the deals, we needed a bunch of contracts. Here is a list of currently used or developed by Affi Network

  1. Core ( main contract, which handles campaigns and deals)
  2. $AFFI ( tokenomics implementation)
  3. Treasury (transparent platform revenue, convert 50% to $AFFI)
  4. Staking (allows staking, receives 50% of treasury)
  5. DAO (developed by snapshot)

For contract development tech stack, please check out the tech stack page.

Our testnet launch uses a Core contract, allowing users to deploy their contract, edit its parameters and own it. It keeps a minimal data structure required to verify sales and perform analytics.

The source code of contracts developed by us will be available shortly on our GitHub.


Beosin (10 March 2023): Core Audit


Mainnet Polygon Factory 0x32058a926cb49237fc19717f2e307fe09a930287
Mainnet Treasury 0xbf037b070AfCA9043163DF3B341fbFB3D8B5c4e7
Testnet Factory 0x1f459a673af592353fff38055fd27a8005cb4841

Affi Network's deployment address:  0xaff12f...aeaf26 

RoboAffi's deployment address: 0xAff...57E9

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