Staking Protocol

Besides incentives, staking is another way of earning rewards for AFFI holders.

AFFI token holders can benefit from staking their tokens for a 50% share of revenue earned by the platform.

Source of Staking Rewards

Affi Network's staking protocol allows holders of AFFI tokens to earn a share of the revenue generated by the platform in real-time. The revenue is generated from the 10% transaction fee charged on commission paid out to publishers when a conversion is made. Half of this revenue is distributed to those staking their AFFI tokens in real-time.

Example Calculations

Let's say the total revenue generated by Affi Network in a given period is $100,000. The staking rewards pool would therefore be $50,000 (50% of total revenue). If there are 1 million AFFI tokens staked at the time, each token would be entitled to a share of the staking rewards pool based on their proportional ownership of the staked tokens.

For example, if a user holds 10,000 AFFI tokens and staked them, and the total number of staked tokens is 1 million, the user would own 1% of the staked tokens. Therefore, they would be entitled to 1% of the staking rewards pool, which in this case would be $500.

How to Claim Staking Rewards on Affi Network Platform

To claim staking rewards on the Affi Network platform, users must first stake their AFFI tokens into the staking protocol. Once the tokens are staked, users can monitor their share of the staking rewards pool in real-time on the platform.

To claim their staking rewards, users simply need to withdraw their staked tokens from the protocol. The staking rewards will be automatically transferred to their wallet along with the staked tokens.

Other Benefits of Staking AFFI

In addition to earning a share of the staking rewards pool, there are other benefits to staking AFFI tokens on the Affi Network platform:


Staking AFFI tokens allows users to participate in the governance of the platform by voting on proposals and decisions related to our development.

Early Access to New Features

Staking AFFI tokens can also provide users with early access to new features and products on the Affi Network platform, giving them a competitive advantage in the affiliate marketing space.

Network Participation

Staking AFFI tokens shows support for the Affi Network platform and demonstrates a belief in our long-term potential. Join our mission to empower publishers worldwide

In summary, Affi Network's staking protocol allows AFFI token holders to earn a share of the revenue generated by the platform in real-time. Users can stake their tokens to earn staking rewards and also benefit from network participation, reduced transaction fees, and early access to new features.

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