Hey there, welcome to Affi Network! 🐝 We’re glad you found your way to this page!

So, what's Affi Network all about? Well, we're building an on-chain incentives platform that's set to create income streams for millions worldwide, and in the process, we’re looking to shake things up in the performance marketing industry. But what exactly does that mean?

Let's break it down:

An on-chain incentives platform is like the ultimate rewards system powered by blockchain technology. It enables marketers to deploy smart-contract-based-campaigns to incentivize users to complete on-chain actions, that automatically trigger upon verification. For example, projects, depending on their marketing objectives and project specifications, could incentivize users to swap, vote, mint, deposit, stake, or play. Users simply earn token-based incentives for participating and completing on-chain actions. Pretty neat, right?

On the way, we’ve come together with some great partners such as Polygon Studios, Cointelegraph Acceleration, Beosin, and many more. In this journey so far, we've snagged some sweet recognitions and awards along the way, like having been featured on Start-in-Block’s Top100 list at Paris Blockchain Week 2023, receiving Most User Engaged Project Award at Jubi Builder Demo Day 2024, and a 4.9/5 Validation Score and 97% positive votes by 1,735 voters on Magic Square. It is all part of our journey to empower millions of users worldwide.

Now, you might be curious about our journey and why we've made some product changes along the way. In a nutshell, version 1 focused on affiliate incentives for NFT mints. Version 2 encompasses participation incentives across all on-chain verticals. This change allows us to impact more users and achieve our mission of powering millions of incentive payouts faster. We've learned a lot from version 1, and we're constantly evolving to make things even better. Fortunately a lot of the product logic from version 1 can be applied to version 2. Check out our Roadmap to see where we're headed and Our Story to see where we’ve been. We can't wait to bring version 2 to you later this year!

As we're all about making on-chain incentives accessible to everyone, we have created our own AFFI token, so that you can join in on the action as a user or investor. A native token gives ownership to our community. All token holders will be able to earn a share of platform revenue and vote on key developments. As a marketer, you would also be able to use AFFI as your incentive campaign’s payout currency. You can find more about our token, AFFI, in our Whitepaper.

Ready to dive deeper? Let’s gooo!

Explore the rest of our docs to learn more about our roadmap, past milestones, and how you can join our community today. We can't wait to have you on board! 🚀

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